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The Consular Office of Finland in Manila serves Finnish citizens visiting or residing in the Philippines in matters within the scope of the Consular Services Act. According to the Consular Services Act, a person applying for a consular service shall be advised and given guidance on how to proceed with his or her matter.

The Consular Office in Manila helps Finnish citizens also with such matters as securing passports and other official documents. Moreover, the Consular Office assists Finnish citizens in distress and offers assistance with legal issues concerning military service, citizenship, or notarial services. 

The honorary consul of Finland is also part of our network. The honorary consul helps Finnish citizens in distress and provides all the interested parties with relevant information either on the Philippines or Finland.

Foreign citizens' resident permits can be applied for at the Consular Office. In visa matters as of 23rd July 2012 Finland is represented by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Manila.

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Updated 4/1/2015

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